Flying in a Hot Air Balloon is an exquisite feeling anywhere in the world. But flying in Cappadocia is actually a privilege. The sort of Cappadocia Balloon Flights we do here can not be done anywhere else in the whole world.

Here in Cappadocia we fly within the valleys and around the fairy chimneys, very close to the ground, and the flights are so perfect, one would think that the balloon actually had steering facilities. But the explanation is rather simple. Cappadocia being in the middle of what is known as continental climate, there is a great difference of temperature between night and day. We are proud to offer the best services to our passengers.

During the night, there accumulates a mass of cold air within the valleys. This mass begins to flow just like a river around sunrise time. It is thanks to this reliable flow that we manage to perform the astonishing flights that we do almost every day of the year. Discovery Balloons employs experienced pilots, ground teams and office staff specialized in their respective fields. We are proud to offer the best services to our passengers.


We spare no expense in the purchase our balloons. We work with two of the world’s most prestigious balloon manufacturers: Lindstrand Balloons in the UK and Ultramagic Balloons from Spain. Our baskets are designed for VIP use and all of our balloons incorporate the latest EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) design and safety features.

Our pilots and ground staff are fully qualified and highly experienced, and they are from Turkey. All have many years of experience behind them, some with a career spanning 20 years.

“An unforgettable experience to enjoy at any time of the year. The pilot was very professional and friendly. His name is Kemal the best Pilot ever. The company was very organized. I Turkey 100% recommended for life…”

Tavares, New York City

“So it was 5:30 am they picked me from the hotel, drove in a van to a hillside retaurant and served light breakfast. The best thing besise the flight was the pilot “AbdurRehman Poya” was funny, friendly and of course very professional. gave us very good guide about the flight, landing and the places.

I bet you won’t never have seen the beauty of the sunrise before the flight, would recommend everyone to book flight from Discovery Baloons as they are very much professional and also at yhw ens of the flight they serve you with Apple Soda and a certificate for the flight and drop off back to the hotel.”

Ahsahmed, Karachi

“We did fly with the excellent pilot Kemal Kaya. He drove the balloon through a very original and creative route as everyone there could notice. Everyone felt safe and had great moments in this life time experience!! The pilot have a very good humor as well and was even making music with the “spit fire” of the balloon.
Actually the whole time involved was super professional. These guys know what they are doing! Highly recommended!”

Lana Guimaraes, Brasil